The special design of the end of the drill point allows the self-drilling screw to integrate three functions: "Drilling", "Tapping" and "Locking" on one screw. Its surface hardness and core hardness are higher than ordinary self-tapping screws. The biggest advantage of self-drilling screw is it can save construction time and cost effectiveness. Therefore, the field of application becomes wider than we expected before.

And the drilling screw with wings improved the chip removal function and heat generation when drilling. Not only promote the unique of the product but also improve its competitiveness. And the market demonstrate, Top Green’s product can tapped wood section faster than general products and penetrate steel smoothly to fit tight.

This advantage could satisfy the market demand of advanced countries and create high value products and income to transform the traditional fastener industry into high-value class industry.

In the manufactured process, we could form the drilling point and the wind at once. With this screw, the connection of thick wood and steel can be completed at once.

Using the developed screws in this project, the screw locking time can be reduced from 25 seconds to 7 seconds, which greatly saved operation time and reduced the energy used, achieving the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

  • The tail and wings are formed at once, which can effectively simplify the manufacturing process and save man-hours and reduce production costs.
  • Instead of the old pinch processing, the product quality could be ensured, and the design function of the wings is also improved.
  • With this screw, the connection of thick wood and steel can be completed at once.
  • Satisfied customer requirement, create high-quality (value) products, help them develop international markets.
  • Wide application (quantity): Floor decoration, Truck body, Inner bottom of container (thick solid wood board and asbestos and steel plate joint).