Engineering and Construction

Building screws are fasteners used to secure and assemble building components. 

Building screws have a wide range of applications, including:

-Building components: Building screws are often used to secure building components such as beams, stairs, walls, roofs, foundations, etc.

-Decorative elements: Building screws are often used to secure decorative elements of a building such as park benches, painted fences, wood flooring, window and door frames, cabinets, etc.

-Building equipment: Building screws are often used to fix equipment in a building such as lighting, air conditioning units, faucets, sockets, etc.

-Other applications: Building screws can also be used for other applications such as garden equipment and recreational facilities.
Engineering construction: For engineering construction, high strength, salt spray resistance, and corrosion resistance are required. Top-Green Fastener provides various drilling screws, mechanical screws, and container screws that can be used in marine, container, and polar environments.