Custom Packaging
Exquisite package, and it can be matched with various labels, small bags, small boxes, elevator cards, printed color boxes, tool boxes, buckets, and can be pasted with customized labels. One-stop service, saving the cost to transport the cargo, our company can package your goods to shipment. In addition, Top Green screws are beautifully packaged, allowing Top Green to fulfill your needs.
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Standard: ISO, DIN, JIS, IFI
Place of Origin: TAIWAN
Size: M2.9~M6.3(#5~#16)
Material: 1. Carbon steel: C1010, C1022
2. Alloy steel: SCM435, 10B21
3. Stainless Steel: SS304
Length: 1/4“~6”(6.35mm~150mm)
  • The price is affordable.
  • Fast delivery.
  • The packaging is exquisite, and it can be matched with various labels, small bags, small boxes, elevator cards, printed color boxes, tool boxes, buckets, and customized labels can be pasted.
  • International large enterprises designate purchasing manufacturers, such as ITW, Würth, FASTENAL (FASTCO), DiversiTech...... etc.
  • The quality inspection is conducted in six shifts a day to ensure that quality is the first priority.
  • One-stop service, from quotation receipt to packaging completion, full quality control, and to provide production resumes with customers.
  • Screening equipment is installed in the site to provide customers with a safe and secure product line.
  • Obtained German patent certificate and American patent certificate with wing-tail screws in 2004 and 2005 respectively, and the quality has been recognized internationally.

At TOPIST ENTERPRISE, every manufacturing process is critical. The first step is to determine the correct raw materials to be used. These raw materials also come from Sinosteel or from trusted suppliers. After that, the selected materials will be tested and tested by our in-house technicians and factory affairs as qualified.

From the beginning of the screw work, the computer is used for quality control. Once the mold is cracked during the production process, it will be forced to interrupt the power supply. Not only that, the quality inspector will conduct inspections in three shifts in the morning and three shifts in the afternoon to ensure that the quality is on a certain basis.

In addition to standard parts, TOPIST ENTERPRISE also provides customized manufacturing for parts that meet your needs and preferences. We follow the customer's requirements for product design drawings, and can also provide technical suggestions to improve your products. Our engineers will provide you with support at any time and ensure that the parts are suitable for your specific application.

Min.Order Quantity : 100M
FOB Price :
  • Currency:USD,EUR,JPY,NTD(domestic market only)
  • Price Level:
  • Quoting Unit: Per1,000pcs(=Mpcs),Per Box(Custom)
Payment Terms : □ L/C
□ D/A
□ D/P
□ T/T
□ Western Union
□ MoneyGram
□ Other
Supply Ability : 500Ton/Month
Delivery Period : Lead Time:60 Days after sample being approved
Package : Bulk packing , Small Box packing , Pail packing , PV plastic box packing , Poly bag/set packing , Or Custom packing
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