2024 Hanoi Screw Exhibition in Vietnam

2024 Vietnam Hanoi Screw Exhibition

The former organizer of FASTENERFAIR, based in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2024, was the UK's Mack Brooks Exhibitions, founded in 1965. The company specializes in exhibitions and media business in the UK and globally, organizing hundreds of exhibitions annually in countries such as the UK, Germany, India, Russia, China, Poland, France, Greece, the USA, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, among others. Their hardware and fastener-related exhibitions have earned great acclaim. In 2019, Mack Brooks Exhibitions was acquired by Reed Exhibitions, which leverages its extensive database to better serve fastener enterprises.

Exhibition Scope: 

 Bolts, screws, nuts, molds, rivets, washers, expansion, high-strength fasteners, automotive fasteners, aerospace fasteners, construction fasteners, production machinery and equipment fasteners, woodworking and furniture industry fasteners, packaging industry fasteners, chemical fasteners (adhesives, sealants), etc. Welding equipment and consumables, tapes and films, innovative types of fasteners, fasteners for various industries in the mechanical industry, fasteners for goods protection, fastener production equipment of various kinds, equipment and tools for fastener-related work, general-purpose fasteners for all industrial fields, pneumatic tools for woodworking and metalworking, construction and manual tools, equipment for packaging and storage tools, etc. Processing equipment, specialized molds, testing instruments, etc., related to bolts, screws, nuts, studs, washers, etc. (Note: The translation has been adjusted for clarity and conciseness.)